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The Cognitive Benefits of Music Engagement

cognitive benefits music engagement


Have you ever wondered if playing a musical instrument can boost your kid’s (school)  grades? Well, it turns out that music education has a positive effect on higher cognitive function, focused attention on dynamic visuals, motor skills, and auditory signals. Active music engagement produces strong, sequential skills in music and the arts. When integrated with the school’s curriculum, music has the ability to improve scores in math, reading, and science.

Children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills, than students who do not partake in music education. They develop extremely strong listening skills, which is closely correlated to the  ability to perceive speech and pay attention. Students who study a musical instrument are more likely to excel academically. Not only does music education help kids with their studies, but it also helps them foster social confidence, develop enhanced critical thinking skills and even is connected with students who pursue higher degrees of education.

Learning to play a musical instrument relies on grasping concepts such as fractions and ratios, which are important for success in mathematics. Therefore, students who are musically trained have been observed to have higher standardized test scores compared to students who have not studied music. One of the key benefits of playing a musical instrument is that it actually boosts executive functions in the brain. Strong executive functions are known to be a strong predictor of academic and business achievement along with the ability to find solutions to challenging tasks.

There are a plethora of benefits when engaging in music education.. The intrinsic benefits include an improved sense of self-discipline, enhancing a executive skills, managing performance, and being part of something you can be proud of. On a deeper meaning, when you are engaged in music, new horizons open up to you. Your perception of art and the world is enhanced, your self-value in enhanced and most importantly your intrinsic potential is enhanced – all through music education. Typically, in order to unlock the metaphorical door to the benefits music education offers, children need to learn an instrument or a theory course, but now through Me-j’s apps those benefits are now accessible to every child.