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How to start a family band

How To Start A Family Band

Without Ever Leaving Your Kitchen

Everyone (myself included) is always blogging about how playing music is so beneficial for kids, but most fail to mention how expensive music lessons and instruments can be. Luckily, mass-produced guitars and Beethoven-obsessed piano teachers are not the only options for your young budding musicians .

Here are some affordable (and refreshingly fun!) ways to encourage family-bonding and music-making, using only household items as instruments. Whether it’s one of these below or your own goofy experiment, the kitchen concert is the perfect tool for family togetherness.

pots and pans kitchen concert

For the Blues/Rock Fanatic Family:

  1. Tea Kettle as a Cymbal Drum
  2. Wooden Spoon + Large Saucepan as a Bass Drum
  3. Anything with a Zipper as Distorted Electric Guitar


For the Country/Folkie Family:

  1. Empty Glass Bottle as a Flute
  2. Wooden Spoon + Plastic Ice Cube Tray as a Washboard
  3. Box of Raisinettes (or any ball-shaped candy) as an egg-shaker
  4. Plastic Straws (to cut to different lengths and tape together) as a panpipe


For the Electronic Music Family: 

  1. Anything Electronic as Anything Electronic (Dont worry, music-producer-parents, I’m only kidding)
  2. Sheets of Computer Paper to crumple
  3. Vacuum (preferably a hand-held) to teach kids music and cleanliness
  4. Differently Shaped Wine Glasses filled with different amounts of water as a Harp (see Tutorial, Sandra Bullock’s demo, Harry Potter Theme Song demo)


These are just a few ways to get those creative juices flowin’. Remember – your imagination is the only limit! Record your kitchen concerts and post them on our website or Facebook page to give the rest of the me-j community some inspiration.