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Music is transformational. It has the most impact when children are young. The impact comes from active engagement. There is nothing to lose and much to gain!

Too often is the case that music class is the first to be cut from a school’s program due to budgetary constraints. Many people, by no fault of their own, don’t see the irony in this. Music, along with the arts is more beneficial to the overall mental and social growth of children than many other of the “more important” subjects. It stimulates and fosters creativity, boosts social skills, and can even increase IQ.

A student who is engaged in music study in one form or another often has higher grades and a recent study shows they score higher on standardized tests such as the SAT. Through music, children learn the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and the  subsequent rewards of their hard work. Our mission is two fold.

1. To raise the awareness around the tremendous benefits surrounding music education for children and,

2. To offer accessible and engaging ways for children to unlock these benefits.


Me-j is the one-stop-shop devoted to music for children. We combine content, apps and products curated and originated by experts and our community.

Consume and discover new content ranging from the different benefits music education has on children, to the best music products for your kids (and you), and everything in between!

It is broken up into 5 main categories, which are as follows:

  1. Articles 
  2. Inspiring videos 
  3. Demonstrations 
  4. The latest and greatest music Products for your kids (and you)!
  5. Book and application Reviews 
  6. Opinion (blog) pieces around the subjects of music, family, children, development and education.

Me-j gives parents and educators the know-how, tools and tips to engage their children with music and unlock the potential music has to offer them.


Me-j enables active engagement with music by children, parents, teachers and others in a playful, creative way. It presents ideas, shows them in action and then encourages our community to try.

It’s time to put what you’ve learned on me-j’s site to the test! Whether it’s with the me-jstudio or with one of the other reviewed apps or products, like singing fingers for example, the next logical step is to start engaging with music.

The first time you introduce your child to the studio or a particular app or product you should be there as a helping hand. Not only will this help your child understand certain basic functionalities or projects, but it also encourages co-creation, which is very important to me-j. The connection between parent and child is palpable, so why not take advantage of it and sit down and learn together with your kid.

After your child has gotten a handle on either the studio or a particular app you may now decide you want to take a step back. This is totally fine! Believe it or not the co-creation doesn’t stop there. Instead, this is an opportunity for  your child to create more imaginative, creative pieces where they can then come back to you to show, share and discuss what they’ve done.

We constantly update the studio and our website with new projects and content respectively so keep checking back for the next fun thing!


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