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Our sonic environment: Squeak, Rumble, Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!

 squeek rumble whomp whomp whomp our sonic environment

Winton Marsalis, the jazz musician wrote “Squeak, Rumble, Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!: A Sonic Adventure” in 2012. This book is about listening to the sounds all around us, collected in the everyday world. Sounds such as the ticking of a clock. Small, hardly noticeable sounds like the buttering of toast and louder sounds like the plink of a double bass. Strange sounds like flies buzzing around. There are so many sounds in our sonic environment and Winton Marsalis helps us to stop, listen and appreciate all the different sounds around us.

The book is suitable for the 1-5 year old, but may also be especially useful for children learning how to read, helped by the illustrator’s graphic representation of selected sounds. A child and parent can make a game out of pronouncing the sounds phonetically. The book is great fun and could be the start of many conversations about the sounds around you.

It’s available on Apple iBooks as well as amazon.

Winton Marsalis, born in New Orleans 1961, was given his first trumpet at the age of six and is today possibly the greatest trumpeter in the world. Tremendously versatile, he has an extensive classical as well as jazz repertoire. He has written six books to date. You can also check out his earlier book, Jazz ABZ, an A to Z collection of poems about legendary jazz musicians. In 1987  he co-founded a jazz program at the Lincoln Center in New York and in July 1996 founded a permanent program called Jazz at Lincoln Center. He tours and speaks as an educational advocate for young people on the cognitive and emotional benefits and sheer pleasure from making music.

Look on his website for more details about his projects.

Have fun with the younger Winton on Sesame Street teaching the puppets to tune their instruments:

Then follow with the inspiring Ideas Festival 2014 video:

Buy it on Amazon.

Please write to us about any books on music you think Me-j and other children would like. Pay attention to your sonic environment! If you hear a sound you love, or a sound that captures your attention record it in the Me-j studio and build on it later on. There’s no limit to your sound library so start collecting!