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Give the gift of music: 9 holiday gifts for kids


At Me-j, we believe that music is a powerful tool for your kid’s development. Interacting with music, whether it’s as simple as fingers tapping against a desk or as advanced as playing the violin, is a fun way to improve social, cognitive, and motor skills. Musical toys are a win-win for parents; they’ll keep your kid engaged and provide an outlet for their creative expression. What could be better than the gift of fun, and imaginative playtime?

Here are the best musical gifts for kids this holiday season:

  1. Glockenspiel
    • This glockenspiel (a.k.a. xylophone–though there are minor differences between the two) is the perfect instrument for infants. It is a colorful percussion that sounds pleasing to all ears. Plus, there are no sharp or small parts, so it’s completely child -safe.
  2. V Tech Kids Drum Set
    • The Vtech kids drums set is a great learning toy for kids to get introduced to rhythm. Kids can start playing it with their hands and graduate to the included drumsticks when they are comfortable enough with the beats. There are 9 included melodies in genres ranging from rock, to dance and pop. There are 4 learning modes: free play, letters, numbers and follow along. Try creating a beat in the me-j studio and add some beats on top with this cool toy!
  3. Super Saxoflute
    • The Saxoflute is the perfect gift for kids ages 3 and up. It comes with whistles, trumpet ends, and tubes that the child arranges to create their own wacky instrument. The DIY aspect makes it a doubly rewarding & fun experience for kids.
  4. Piano Mat
    • This piano mat provides a great musical and physical activity for children over 2 years old – it allows kids to play music with their feet! Containing 10 different programmed instrument sounds  (piano, guitar, saxophone etc.), this toy encourages kids to improvise on the spot, record their own melodies, or just listen to prerecorded tunes. Bonus feature: the mat is that it is 5 feet long, making it the perfect tool for a family-wide jam session.
  5. RainbowJam
    • The RainbowJam, recommended for preschoolers, allows users to make their own colorful music. Kids touch colors to compose their own masterpiece or sing along to 9 different color songs, ranging from rock to Latin music genres. It also comes with a 16-page musical activity book.
  6. Mighty Mini Band
    • The Mighty Mini Band, which consists of several colorful instruments built into one wooden surface (about 3 feet long and 10 inches high), is a one-stop-shop for all things percussion. Perfect for kids over age 2, it includes a xylophone, a drum, a cymbal, a guiro, a clapper and drumsticks. An added bonus for eco-friendly parents: Hape toys, the manufacturer of the Mini Mighty Band, makes their toys from environmentally sustainable materials. So,it’ll make both your child and your planet happy 🙂
  7.  Brio Rattle Kit
    • This rattle kit, which includes two rattles and is recommended for children ages 6 months and up, allows babies to play around with sound and shape. One rattle, which contains metal beads, allows babies to make music by shaking it. The other rattle has several different rings that fit into each other and allow babies to explore its shape, texture, and color.
  8. Wooden Drum
    • Recommended for children above 18 months, this wooden drum will turn your baby into a beat-maker! It’s small size and seamless design makes it a portable and safe toy for kids. All wooden parts are made from 100% FSC-certified beech wood from sustainable forests.
  9. Harmonica for beginners kit
    • No matter your kid’s preferred musical genre (anything from rock to country to jazz), this kit will have them playing harmonica in no time. It includes a harmonica and a 64-page course book, which teaches all the basics one needs to know to play a wide range of musical styles.