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Funky footwork: A street performer inspires

If you live in or near a city, you have likely seen some entertaining street performer making music with plenty of unconventional objects. But have you ever responded to a performance like the kid in this video?

A street performer drums on a motley selection of pots, pans, and other wacky gizmos as strangers stop to put money in his red shoebox. Suddenly, a boy of about 6 or 7 years old appears and breaks out into dance. He moves free of any inhibition, wiggling, swinging his arms, and stomping his feet to the beat. This spirited little boy proves what we all know in our hearts, even if we don’t break out into dance to show it – that music is positively contagious.
How do you/your kids respond to catchy music? Does your heart beat faster? Do you smile? Laugh? Shout? Do you find your feet and fingers follow the rhythm? Next time you hear a tune that inspires you, pay attention to how it makes you feel, how your body reacts without you even realizing it. This is something Me-j calls “active listening (hyperlink),” a new way of of listening to music that uses more than just your auditory sense.